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It May Look Like a Normal Stack of Wood, But When You Get Closer…WOW!

ORIGINAL: Real Farmacy
Jan 14, 2014

From a distance, it appears to be an ordinary stack of firewood, but as you get closer, you begin to realize that this is way cooler than a stack of logs.

Upon further inspection you notice that the black lines are actually seams.

And they open! What is this thing?

Holy smokes! They’re the windows of a perfectly camouflaged cabin!

What an amazing creative way to hide out in luxury, surrounded by nature!

The man below is Hans Liberg, a Dutch performer.

He’s able to blend in with the scenery when he’s deep in a composition.

This fantastic creation was built on a trailer by Piet Hein Eek who was even more excited than Hans.

The outside is indeed real wood.

The one-of-a-kind window designs are made of steel and plastic.

The interior is quite roomy despite being contained in a stack of wood.

Windows on all four sides flood the quarters with natural light.

It’s perfect to rock out in.

What more does a musician need than a remote cabin and a guitar?

The illuminated wood stack at dusk makes for a fantastic photograph, to say the least.

Hans is as happy as can be. Wouldn’t you be too?

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