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These 21 Pictures Are Not What You Think. They Will Blow Your Mind.

ORIGINAL: Viralnova
January 28, 2014

Some paintings seem SO real, you can’t believe someone was talented enough to create them. Then, some paintings seem SO real you can’t even tell they are paintings. Below are 21 of the most amazing works of art you won’t be able to tell are 100% handmade and NOT photographs. These artists are so talented, they’ll leave your jaw on the floor.

1. Omar Ortiz – using oil on linen
Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz

2. Paul Cadden – pencil and paper
Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden

3. Kamalky Laureano – acrylic paint on canvas
Kamalky Laureano

Kamalky Laureano

4. Gregory Thielker – oil on canvas
Gregory Thielker

5. Lee Price – oil on linen
Lee Price

Lee Price

6. Ben Weiner – paintings of paint
Ben Weiner

Ben Weiner

7. Ron Mueck – hyper realistic human sculptures
Ron Mueck

8. Kim Ji-hoon – pencil
Kim Ji-Hoon

9. Ray Hare – acrylic paint on canvas
Ray Hare

10. Pedro Campos – oil on canvas
Pedro Campos

11. Dirk Dzimirsky – pencil on paper
Dirk Dzirmirsky

12. Thomas Arvid – Giclée on canvas
Thomas Arvid

13. Samuel Silva – ballpoint pen
Samuel Silva

14. Gottfried Helnwein – oil and acrylic on canvas
Gottfried Heinwein

15. Mike Bayne – oil on wood panel
Mike Bayne

16. Robert Longo – charcoal on mounted paper
Robert Longo

17. Diego Fazio – charcoal pencil
Diego Fazio

18. Bryan Drury – oil on wood
Bryan Drury

19. Rafal Bujnowski – black and white photo-realistic portrait (so realistic that a picture of it was accepted for his passport)
Rafal Bujnowski

20. Robin Eley – oil on Belgian linen

Robin Eley

21. Kevin Okafor – graphite pencils on paper
Kevin Okafor

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