viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

‘Parabolic Soap’ is a fusion of artificial / mechanical and natural behaviour

Created by Felix Worseck at the Berlin University of the Arts (Digitale Klasse), installation “parabolic soap” is a fusion of artificial / mechanical and natural behaviour. The aim of the install is to produce a paraboloid surface that can be moved for approximately 60 seconds. This minimal surface is created only after the connection of the membrane and the soap pool is broken.

The movements of the stepper motors are arbitrary. They are controlled by an Arduino program that assigns random values ??in each pass to the height of the four control axes. After the soap membrane is separated from the base, the machine moves back to the initial state and the sequence begins again.

Components: Arduino, Easy Driver, Stepper Motors, 3D printed joints.

The 1 cubic metre installation was shown in glass casing on Einsteinufer 43-53 street in Berlin from 15th April until 3rd May 2013.

Project Page | Felix Worseck

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